Your Trusted Service Provider!

Talk To Expert: +64 9 274 6730

Your Trusted Service Provider!

Talk To Expert: +64 9 274 6730


Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is critical to ensure optimal performance of any machine and Technopak provides a full range of services to get the best from your equipment for its entire life, from the initial installation and start-up to ongoing assistance, optimisation and upgrades.

Service Contacts

New Zealand Service Contact:
Auckland, NZPh. +64 9 274 6730
USA Service Contact:
Minneapolis MN:Ph. +1 970 590 6783
Canada Service Contact:
Winnipeg Manitoba:Ph. +1 204 951 4130
Europe Service Contact:
Innsbruck Austria:Ph. +43 664 427 9667


Technopak conducts full training for the site operators and maintenance technicians during the equipment installation and machine commissioning. Technopak also offers PPM service contracts with regular training sessions covering more in-depth maintenance and training of new operators throughout the life of the system.


Every machine includes fully comprehensive manuals explaining all aspects of system operation, maintenance, optimisation, safety and cleaning with detailed explanatory exploded view drawings.

Service Agreements

To keep the equipment operating at optimal levels, we offer full PPM service contracts. These contracts are designed in conjunction with your maintenance and operations teams to minimise downtime, while fully maintaining the equipment. Regular site visits ensure the equipment performance and your operator’s training is maintained.

Technical Support and Remote Access

Our international team of highly skilled service engineers are able to provide in-depth diagnosis and maintenance support. All systems have the capability to be accessed remotely and, when enabled, our controls engineers are able to observe the machines to help real time diagnosis.

Spare Parts

Detailed spare parts lists with exploded view drawings are provided with each machine. Technopak provides guidance on consumable, essential and recommended parts that should be held to maintain the equipment and minimise the risk of unplanned downtime. Regular audits of spare parts held on client sites are undertaken by our PPM Service Technicians as part of the regular servicing. Technopak maintains a large stock of spare parts to enable urgent despatch when required

System Audits, Performance Optimisation and Process Enhancements

Technopak has a policy of continual improvement and innovation and provides System Audits for equipment to optimise performance and recommend enhancements or upgrades. A unique feature with Modular Filling Systems is the ability to add extra filling modules to increase throughput by 100 or 200% with a fraction of the cost of a complete new filling line. The Technopak team is dedicated to helping you keep your equipment operating trouble free at maximum performance levels, so contact us now!