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Your Trusted Service Provider!

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Technopak, the only company in the world producing modular, future proof hygienic dry powder packaging lines for the dairy and pharmaceutical industries.


25kg Bag Fillers

Technopak supplies a range of bag filling systems for 25kg / 50lb bags and FIBC bulk bags for sanitary / hygienic applications incl.

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Automated Samplers

Technopak sanitary sampling systems are versatile and enable the capture of multiple samples from different locations to be

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Neck Preparers

The Neck Preparer is designed to de-aerate the headspace of the bag and prepare the neck of the bag for heat sealing.

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Heat Sealers

The Technopak Heat Sealer is built to perform the closing and sealing functions on Dairy grade 25kg multi-wall kraft paper plastic lined

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Check Weighers

A range of custom-made conveyers available, as well as very accurate check weighing scales.

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Bag Turners And Bag Kickers

The function of a Bag Kicker or Bag Turner is to re-orient 25kg bags on conveyors from standing up vertically to laying flat horizontally.

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Tamper Evident Seals – Asuraseal ®

Technopak has developed a new range of Asuraseal Tamper Evident Seals which provide the highest level of security for your products

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Metal Detectors

Full range of metal detectors available.

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Reject Station2

Reject Stations

Reject stations activated by quality/weight control metal detectors.

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Inkjet Coders

Inkjet Coding Systems print data onto each bag as required by the production specifications. Technopak is able to provide a

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Gassing Systems

Technopak supplies state of the art post-gassing and pre-gassing systems to extend the shelf life of wholemilk and infant formula

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