Technopak, the only company in the world producing modular, future proof hygienic dry powder packaging lines for the dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

25kg Bag Fillers

25kg Bag Fillers

Technopak supplies a range of bag filling systems for 25kg / 50lb bags and FIBC bulk bags for sanitary / hygienic applications incl. milk powder, infant formula, dairy, nutritional and pharmaceutical materials. All units are suitable for plastic lined bag systems with a wide range of options including gas packing with Nitrogen/CO2, and full downline systems.

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Automated Samplers

Automated Samplers

Technopak sanitary sampling systems are versatile and enable the capture of multiple samples from different locations to be collected and transferred to a single collection point and distributed into multiple sample containers.

Operation is totally automatic and the sampling process may be fully adjustable for size, frequency and interval, with all collected material kept within a fully sealed environment.

They are designed to the highest standards for hygienic applications, and are frequently used by infant formula, milk powder and pharmaceutical manufacturers as part of rigorous quality control monitoring procedures.

Features and Options

  • Multiple option sampling devices using vacuum, augers and plungers
  • Vacuum transfer system to convey samples from multiple locations to a central collection point
  • Multiple sample receptacles to enable simultaneous collection of snapshot, composite, random, variable and grab samples in a fully sealed environment
  • Multiple sample receptacle options including plastic bags, jars and sachets
  • Automated sample sachet sealing systems
  • Adjustable sample size, frequency and intervals via user friendly interface
  • Integrated PLC/HMI controls or via main plant system
  • Hand-demountable construction for quick disassembly, inspection and cleaning
  • Washdown control cabinet and enclosure options
  • Fully polished internal and external finishes
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options

Supplied with complete integrated powder handling, packing and conveying systems.

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Neck Preparers

Neck Preparers

The Neck Preparer is designed to de-aerate the headspace of the bag and prepare the neck of the bag for heat sealing.

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Heat Sealers

Heat Sealers

The Technopak Heat Sealer is built to perform the closing and sealing functions on Dairy grade 25kg multi-wall kraft paper plastic lined powder bags.

It provides the ultimate in hygienic sealing and closing of PE lined bags for sensitive food and nutritional products such as milk powder and infant formula.

Each machine includes automated bag levelling, seal cleaning, liner hermetic sealing and outer bag folding and glue reactivation.


  • Fully automated hermetic sealing of the PE inner bag
  • High speed robust & reliable proven design
  • Low downtime
  • Approved for all Milk Powders and Infant Formula
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Standard heat sealers up to 700 bags/hour.
  • Designed for Cap-sac “bag within  a bag” and pinch top bags
  • Vacuuming Station Heat Sealers up to 400 bags/hour.
  • Post Gassing Heat Sealers up to 150 bags/hour.
  • Energy efficient with low power and utilities consumption
  • Modular system can integrate with existing systems
  • Superior seal quality and strength for maximum integrity
  • Constant component status monitoring with safety interlocks
  • Hinged safety covers for easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Includes matching hygienic bag conveyors
  • Multi-wall kraft paper or reel-fed HDPE plastic bag option
  • Low dust generation and no paper trimmings / waste generation
  • Hand demountable for easy dry cleaning
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options
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Check Weighers

Check Weighers

A range of custom-made conveyers available, as well as very accurate check weighing scales.

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Bag Turners and Bag Kickers

Bag Turners and Bag Kickers

The function of a Bag Kicker or Bag Turner is to re-orient 25kg bags on conveyors from standing up vertically to laying flat horizontally.

A range of custom-made units are available to suit straight-through, or left/right turn orientations.

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Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper Evident Seals – asuraseal ®

Technopak has developed a new range of Asuraseal Tamper Evident Seals which provide the highest level of security for your products by Heat Sealing a hologram onto the product package as part of the filling process.

For further details refer the Asuraseal Website.

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Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Full range of metal detectors available.

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Reject Stations

Reject Stations

Reject stations activated by quality/weight control metal detectors.

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Inkjet Coders

Inkjet Coders

Inkjet Coding Systems print data onto each bag as required by the production specifications. Technopak is able to provide a very wide range of systems to suit customer requirements eg:

  • Single Sided Coding
  • Double Sided Coding
  • Front Coding
  • End Coding
  • Single/Multi Line Coding
  • Multiple Language coding
  • High resolution coding with barcodes and logos
  • Combined with labelling systems
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Vacuum Convey Systems

Vacuum Convey Systems

Technopak supplies state of the art vacuum conveying systems for the low velocity dense phase transport of fragile and agglomerated powders.

The equipment is designed and manufactured to hygienic standards for milk powder and pharmaceutical applications.

Each system is custom designed to suit the particular application and are particularly suited when multiple products and material sources such as silos, bins, production equipment and tipping stations etc need to be conveyed to a single destination such as a packing system.

Equipment is easily integrated with weighing and dosing systems to provide ingredient handling and recipe management for batch mixing processes.

System Options

  • Dense Phase Vacuum conveying with low velocity for fragile agglomerated materials
  • Lean / Dilute phase vacuum conveying for general applications
  • Batch or continuous conveying options
  • Nitrogen / CO2 gassing / inert gas injection to extend product shelf life
  • Convey air provided by Fans / PD exhausters / oil or water sealed vacuum pumps
  • In-Line sifting, sampling, metering, metal detection and magnetic seperation features
  • Sanitary systems to USDA / 3A / EHEDG standards are Technopak’s specialty

Component Options

  • Hand Demountable options for easy cleaning
  • CIP Cleanable equipment designs and accessories
  • Air filtration, heating, cooling and dehumidification systems
  • ATEX Rated components for hazardous areas Categories 3/2/1 for Zones 22/21/20
  • Precision metering components for accurate batch weighing

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